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More Computing on Fewer Servers

You've got a familiar problem; more serversĀ = more expense. They call it "server sprawl."

Your company decides to deploy new software for order processing and you buy a new server to run it. You add a new team of users and you buy a server to support them. New application, new server. Again. And again. Before you turn around, you have spent tons of money and you find yourself managing rooms full of servers.

Those servers need electrical power, and with so many of them generating heat you need to keep those rooms cool with costly air conditioning. Now add maintenance costs and the simple cost of renting the rooms themselves and suddenly you are bleeding money.

Server Sprawl is not a good thing, and it grows quietly and continuously.

  • Maintenance Costs
  • Power Costs
  • Cooling Costs
  • Real Estate Costs
Hi-Link offers you a simple, straightforward solution: do more with less.

In this case, that means more computing using fewer servers.

With our expertise in server virtualization, Hi-Link helps you run more applications on fewer servers. Usually far fewer servers. Fewer servers translates into less electricity, less cooling, less physical space, and all of that means less expense.

Server Sprawl Stopped.

Control your desktop maintenance costs too

Hi-Link also helps you control the cost of supporting your users' desktop computers.

If you have 100 people using 100 computers, you probably have 100 different computer configurations to support. Ask your support provider how much more time it takes and how much more difficult it is to maintain or repair a computer whose user has loaded all kinds of utilities, games, and other needless or nefarious software on it.

By moving your users to a "virtualized desktop" you are removing all of the things they can damage from their computer. They access their customized desktop from one of your servers. . . where you can keep it under control.

They need a software upgrade? You upgrade their desktop at your server.

They require support? Your support staff looks at their desktop session on your server from their own desk without having to travel. The configuration they are supporting is your standard, which they are fully familiar with.

Your user moves to another location? Their desktop environment remains the same wherever they access it from, or whatever machine they access it from.

Cost savings on top of cost savings. More consistency, more efficiency, and ultimately a more satisfying user experience.

The best part is that you can manage all of this from a single pane VMware VCenter management console.

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